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   Innovative technology of MAI - Model with Artificial Intelligence elements
   (Innovative technology of MAI - Model with elements of Artificial Intelligence)

   Version 1.0:

   CAD system
   Advanced design automation technologies
   ND ( 3D,4D,5D,6D,…)

   BIM - at the own time a new abstract sign behind which you can add…
   BIM – marketing trick to increase sales of new software \ automation technologies (Civil 3D, Revit, … )…
   BIM – MIF ( Modern Information Fake)
   Step-by-step design (documented in ancient times), from the sketch to the system of making changes, - it is BIM too? ...
   BIM, BOM, … - for BIM is sounding karmic bells …

   1. A new round in the spiral of entropy reduction in the process of object knowledge extraction (dynamic system modelling with elements of Artificial Intelligence) …;
   2. The model has a pyramidal structure, distributed by levels and logical stages of development…;
   3. Each the new structural layer, the logical stage of development, the level of the model inherits from the basis common to the whole model algebra (the set of elements of the model and operations\processes over\with them) and extends it;
   4. The algebra of the model is implemented by fuzzy logic methods (Fuzzy logic);
   5. MAI management system implements the process approach, i.e. systematic identification, analysis and synthesis of the processes used;
   6. MAI is primarily people with a high and/or developing (ready to learn) COC (Culture Of Collaboration with MAI)…;
   7. MAI it's efficiency is directly proportional to the COC average level of participants in the dialogue with the model;
   MAI is enough intelligent to form a representation with a selective degree of detail based on the participant COC level of dialogue with the model;

   Archimedes: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the Earth”, although the Earth already moving…
   Faraday made his thousands of experiments with help of knife and screwdriver, and we are now moving on the electromagnetic fields of tragicomic mastering of CAD (computer aided design) …

   April 2017

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