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Adding a raster image

   Adding objects to the drawing occurs interactively on the screen (with the insertion point) and immediately after calling the appropriate command:
      JointPoint 'JointPoint';
      Cran 'Cran';
      Building 'Building';
      RasterImage 'RasterImage'.
      Text 'Text'.
   If you add a raster image, the path Explorer opens first to define the path, then a window opens where you can see
raster image, its properties. And also to define parameters of addition:
      'Insertion point' insertion point;
      'Scale' scale the object relative to the insertion point;
      'Rotation' the angle of rotation of the object around the Z-axis( at the insertion point) clockwise from the X-axis direction;
   Changes are applied to the drawing by clicking 'OK', in case of cancellation 'Cancel'.
   You can also define the insertion point interactively on the screen by selecting - 'Specify on screen'.

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