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Hatching slopes in 3D
Hatching slopes
Hatching slopes
Hatching slopes
Hatching slopes

   On the tab Hatch you can:

       To draw hatch of slopes by GOST (UNLIMITED LICENSE):
           select insert of slopes hatch;
           define initial parameters:
               the step value;
               the possibility of self-intersections;
               the percent of the length of the hatch part ( default is 50, i.e. the length of each second line of the hatch between the edge and the sole is equal to 50% of its own length);
           press 'Insert'.
           follow the instructions in the command prompt, by pointing 'Edge' and 'Sole'.

        Edge and Sole can be objects:
            2D Polyline;

        Hatch is draw in 3D between elevations by Z axis of edge end sole. The correct display is achieved in the 3D view Top( in plane ( in projection on a plane Z=0)). The next version will be implemented hatching between 3D polylines.

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